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Describe by Shadow-light

A glance into the source of future's technology

List of contents:

Chapter 1 :
Assisted Intelligence and Protection units
Military Scout Unit
Nurture Assisting Unit
Spidyc Ware
Probing instruments
Sociological Computers
Sentry Grid
Gold Mind Antenna
Solar Cube
Satellite Defense Grid
Goal Seeker
Chapter 2 :
Specification of Bio Chemical Cores
Propulsion of Scout units
Contact to Brain
Self regulating core
Energy sources: Proton layers
Photon shield
Space point of Identity
Natural Creation
Destination based product
Photon energy source
Space ships and form factor
Chapter 3 :
Gravity Pulsars
Gelbased printing
Ozone layers
Atlantis computers
Error retention
Bio Chemical router
Light Centered Cells
Computing Essence
Slow fusion core
Force Field

Assisted Intelligence and Protection units

( Science Fiction; Idea )

This company is expert in units that assist
our intelligence
and protect us against diseases, injuries and other hardship.
Devices that are an artificial an chemical machine that reacts by an
aided intelligent core. A core made of life tissue of small life forms.
By using a safe method of engineering there is a guarantee that it works at 70 percent effectiveness.

These devices, with a core of artificial intelligence can assist in tasks that need an intelligent proces of understanding or methodology.
By placing the device in the arm pit, it is invisible for others to see. But it can work effectively.
The device creates a web of thin alloy sinews throughout the body.
Sinews which are the basis of a electronig and photonic sphere that surrounds the body with a force field.
Which surrounds the body with a border to bacteria and viruses.

The device needs no external energy, because it runs on the bodily contact and body warmth.
These devices come in three kinds. The first one protects from all diseases and injuries done to the body.
The second one gives enhanced intelligent services. Cooperating with the body to give memory, mathematical and translation functions
The third one giving all artificial services to the entity using the device.

Military Scout Unit

( Science Fiction ; Idea )

Wondered how a war is being won.
Wanting a miracle to fullfill that small covert war.
Imagine there is a solution, a solution that brings maximum effort, and minimum visiblity.
A military scout unit is like a sphere of 15 centimeters round.
An orb that can float in the air, and moves itself without sound.

This orb is a state of the art technology item.
A surrounding field of plasma gives itself the gift of being invisible.
The surrounding magnetic field gives the cloaking of all radiomagnetic sensors.

It is directed by a communication method that is able to
move it five kilometres as a distance of the controller.

This military scout unit, as a new way
of winning conflicts.

Nurture Assisting Unit

( Science Fiction ; Idea )

The future begins at this current moment.
The future of science, is making its entrance right today.
The future which holds the science by which human civilisations can live easy and happy.
The nurture assisiting unit, it is a device that aids the child in its education.
It aids the child to learn, at a pace three times faster.
The nurture assisting unit. It has an implant in the scull,
by which the external unit contacts the person.

This unit, is a little metal box, the size of a play card. and being fixed near the head.
This unit, at each age of the person having it activated, gives online advice, gives online lessons.
Because this unit knows what the holder thinks and feels, it is able to
give its influence at a speed that is surpassing all kinds of other education.

This unit gives the holder, a child, the power to grow up to an adult person.
A person which for example speaks twelve languages.
A person for example, which has several professions.
These are examples which are imagined today, but what holds the future.

Spidyc Ware

( Science Fiction ; Idea )

A specific computer program, designed to work.
Work in the broadest range of what a computer program can be used for.
A computer program able to use a series of complementing algorithms to ensure a superb outcome.
This program, as designed by our lead programmers gives safety and protection for all means its used for.

Spidyc Ware: A new future stepping into our time.
Use this software for all needs which has to be more than 98 percent effective.

A program with quantum particles with single purpose ranges, made to be used by the possible hardware compliants.
A program being used for highprecision tasks.
A program, as being used, brings you to a future.

A program which is the step following the Artificial Intelligence.
A program not called artificial, but imitative Intelligence.
Imitating the cells of our own brains, but placed as algorithms in a computer.
A computer that is placed in your, company, home, university or other governmental department.
A computer the size of your hand, or to the size of a truckload.
Use this software for your intelligence tasks, not by artificiality but by Imititation of Real intelligence.

Probing instruments

( Science Fiction ; Idea )

With the need for patented technology, it is a border of how much use you can have from invented technology.
We name that technology as strange tech. A visible object with functions that are not easy understandable.
You can say that strange tech holds all inventions done by us in a certain period, or even in a future period.
If time travel would be available. the tech from the future is strange tech too.

If humans would travel through space, the human family would be much larger with several characteristics utilized for the place they live.
The human family as on earth has maney features.
Name the humans from outer space, extra terrestial.

When we look at all the technology and science that we have a look on, a glance of unknown functions.
Our firm, spidyc, gives the instruments to refactor any invention or technlogy.
The probing products use our state of the art intelligent cores to not only scan it for known parts,
but also to let the probe learn which significance and meaning the analysed product has.

The probing products are ranging from simple inspection of what materials a object is made,
to a complex instrument that can peer through an outer shield and apoint the parts with their functions.

A probe for a new era in time, a time of prosperity not bound to any claim on power or technology.

Sociological Computers

( Science Fiction ; Idea )

When our society evolves into the future, with new ways to communicate,
new ways to create labor and consumer products.
There will be the problem how we form the society to give its inhabitants a basic level of necessity food and shelter.
When human mankind don't have to work very hard for its needed lifeluxery.

A sociological instrument is the computer to be able to give the numbers to what kind of goverment,
what kind of labor strucutre, what kind of education, kind of culture and religion is best
to form a civilisation or society that ensures the good health, wealth and happiness of its citizens.

The sociological instruments use the modelbases calculation method.
Which is in short a way to have very many human models, as little parts of an algorithm that imitates a human person,
with its interesting points, like cultural and religious preferences.
Very many of these models make one metamodel that is used to design a new society able to
have good forms in it ensuring wanted outcomes of the calculation.

A sociological computer is made of both hardware and software.
Because meta model has a lot of parts making the result it needs a computer able to do
calculations based on a paralel scheme.

The calculations have as a restriction that each time it is used the conditions have an unpredictable outcome.

Sentry Grid

( Science Fiction ; Idea )

A good defense in a country is usually made of instruments which can neutralize any incoming problems,
or is able to predict when a danger is entering the region or crossing a border.
To make military able to respond in a measured time.

A good defense of the united states was a range of sattelites above the earth,
which they built during nixons presidency.

A new kind of defense, as we already have seen in terminator as the famous skynet.
This new defense system is named Sentry-Grid.
a form of decentralized units that form a biochemical protection.
If a classical weapon is fired, it creates a border of silicate around the incoming weapons thus neutralizing it.
It consists of the backfiring and the silicate forming unit.
The sentry grid is a cost-effective, bio-neutral defense method.
A sentry grid consists of several parts, each against a threath.
when guided missiles are used for example with laser pointing,
a defense weapon is used which creates a spectrum ligtth cloaking the important object.
When a laser beam goes through a spectrum cloak, it is for the guiding system not anymore processed.

A second threath is a weapon based on gps sattelites, which gives it a goal to reach.
The defense against it is a system of sattelites creating a elektromagnetic noise, making the gps information
not obvious anymore.

The third threat is on the ground of military infantry and tanks.
This threath is neutralized by a border of high frequency waves.
Giving all human persons in military enemy the feeling that they want to run away.
Thus giving them the urge not to attack.
This weapon is patented an not openly available.

Gold Mind Antenna

( Science Fiction ; Idea )

In the near future when experiments are done with being telepathic.
They invent an antenna which is made from gold.
Attached to the head with a wire into the brains there is a antenna which can make
the bearer the agent of telepathic communication.
If you think the message and send it by thinking about the antenna, to a receiver.

The antenna made of gold, is the best way to make the message
without loss of information be send to a receiver.

The gold antenna, keep close eye on the magazines. it will appear in it in a couple of years.

Solar Cube

( Science Fiction ; Idea )

A solar cube is a combination of best practises on solar technology.
The cube holds the key to a home improvement of decentrilized energy grid.

As it has several layers of combined discoveries it is able to deliver
for the home its appointed to a grid of energy
capable to ensure the needs fulfilled.

The top layer of the grid, is a layer with a honey comb structure.
It transfers photonic beams to a layer of electrons being radiated to the second layer where
a layer of hydrogen stores the current of electricity to ensure the peak of energy being stored instead of wasted.

The third layer is a special engineered layer of capacitor based alloy's.
the third layer when surged levels the energy to the strength needed for the appliances
to have a current flow that does not fall out.

The fourth layer is the long term store of energy.
Where energy is created the largest problem for a energy compliant
is to store it without loss of quantity.

This fourth layer is made of a classified material that is patented,
so it is not disclosed which chemical structure its made of.

A solar cube, a new way to sustain energy.
for each home, for each appliance.

Satellite Defense Grid

( Science Fiction ; Idea )

Expensive words. A technlogy that is only used and invented by the super rich countries.
For example in Atlantis a large military organisation ensures the supremacy of the nation.

A sattelite is not very state of the art, but the usage for it is.
A satellite to communicate via internet of via phone is common knowledge.
To use a satellite for location on geopositional devices us already ten years old.

In the eight hundred-eighties the president of atlantis started a military weapon usage to
counter incoming projectiles by satellite.

A satellite with laser beam is capable of firing on missiles.
What kind of laser device it has, is not known to normal people.
But when an engineer would invent it a couple of important requisitions are needed.

The beam has to be strong, to be able to diminish electrical circuits.
The beam must be able to pass long distances.
The beam must be able to point a target.

The satellite grid, a network of satelittes which ensures the safety of Atlantis.

Goal Seeker

( imaginary weapon)

Imagine a weapon that destroys all incoming missiles.
And it can destroy them at four hundred miles.

It vanishes the incoming missile by a pulse.
A pulse that both scrambles the electric machine in the missile,
and can vanish any other dangerous substances in it.

This weapon is a combination of light, which vaporize the contents.
And the second part of the combination is a pulse like a laser
but made of electromagnetic waves.

When the point of such a weapon is directed at an incoming object.
It destroys it without bad side effects.

the beam such a device uses, must have a method to be aimed directly to the vector.
this weapon, ought to exist when technology gets more and more advanced.

Imagine such weapons must be able to point in miliseconds.
Its software would be a masterpiece. In both speed and targetting precision.
A military appliance at least. to expensive for other purposes

Specification of Bio Chemical Cores

Origin of Intelligent Architecture

Units which need the size of a playcardbox, with the strength to endure a life time of using, have need for a strong form and less-failing algorithm.

Units which has the size that its helpfull for a human without having to worry about how to wear it, if others see it, or if it fails during life and
is not reparairable.

The bio-chemical core is from a special substance.
A substance made of insect life tissue.
By the long and deep research a core of life tissue gives a fault-tolerance and effectuous back box algorithm that
is able to fullfill the tasks for whiche these units are created and designed.

The biochemical core, needs a nutrition to function without the need to have costly minerals to feed it.
The parts in the core that are made from insects, live much longer as normal insects, because it
is chemically changed, and shielded with certain patented alloys

The biochemical core gives the intelligence to these units to fucnction with more that 98 percent effectiveness.
The core gives the functions to the units to behave good and able to be effect the purpose the unit is for.

Propulsion of Scout units

The propulsion is for the scout unit a requisite to functioning.
It has to be small, and to be resistant to weather and roughness.

The propulsion, is a patented way of travelling and moving, so its undisclosed scientific technology.
The quadracopters have the four rotors who moves the plane,
the unit has six rotors which are invisible behind a shield.

With a certain archictecture the rotors are able to move the unit in all different ways its needed to.

Contact to Brain

The units which have to do with communication to the brain need a way to contact it,
and to be able to be removed at will.

A small device of five milimeters is being injected in the upper part of the brain,
And the unit which is needed must be placed near it.
The implanted device works as an antenna to read out the thoughts and to put in the impression of what is to be known.
This contact gives the holder the intelligence, or the iq to be very smart.
In humans the vision and hearing sense is made by a water field, converting the impulses to a certain level and frequency.
To ensure that communication is done in a way not harming the person it is leveled through a water field.

A water field can be as small to fit in the brain contact.
But it can also be made as an external unit, when there is need for a large communication signal.
A water field, is made to convert the electrical signals to the human agent.

When there is a water field in use, the human agent can also at large distance pick up the signals
broadcasted by the water field.
Depending on the scale and the size of the water field, imagine a whole world being
in use to communicate by the water field.
With custom technology every human with a brain contact can be an agent.
With two reasons for a water field. One to contact a unit to the brain,
another to provide a way of telepathic communication between living and sentient beings.

Self regulating core

the part most difficult is the core that is acting as if its intelligent.
By metal there is no way to design an artificial intelligent core.
Not because its weak slow or single, but because its not variable.
The core used in the spidyc devices is a self regulating core.
A biochemical unit that utilizes the task itsmade for.
Learning with every decision, learning with every event that happens.

The self regulating core is made from tissue derived from insects.
But the core does more as a normal insect does.
It creates its core at every event in a part again.
Which results in a core that enhances and speeds up with every day its active.

Think of the core as a black box, that writes its own application, on a hardware core
that can change with the need for intelligent behaviour.


The unique product, the probes of spidyc are made of superb technology.
it probes a couple of base-materials
The first base material is metal in all its formula's
The second base material is petroleum and all its derivates like plastic and chemical combinations.
The third base is silicate and carbon elements used in all kind of products.
The fourth is force fields, elektromagnetic, photon-active beams, radiography and several other patended forms.
The fifth is photonix recombination of light emmiting sources.
Which is in short how you perceive an object, when its not activated by visible light beams, it renders invisible.
With the methods to artificially create such effects.
These are a couple of examples in what way an object or more objects can be probed using advanced probing technology.

Energy sources: Proton layers

A good device has an energy source which never depletes.
A good device had a kind of energy that is robust and protected against all circumstances where its used.

A good energy source which has all the good qualities and all the good functions is a proton layer substance.
As it is used in a layer of asynchronius hexagons, and has a shielding on the outward of carbon and ozone thin layer.
Because its made of proton layers the energy source is dependent on the spectrum of radio-waves.
As its made of a proton layer, with a fixed size and order the creation of energy gives the instruments in which its used
a good and stable energ source.

Photon shield

We all live in the light of our solar system with at its core our sun, solaris.
Because we have day light we can do a lot without artificial lighting.
The way light works is for a large part still a mystery.
A couple of decades ago we invented the laser beam.
A straight linear beam that has one light frequency.

The next step towards a world of civilisated science is a shield made of the visible part in light.
A light beam with a visible frequency is seen by us humans as a linear form, or a form in which the object is made.

imagine that a light beam confronted with a second beam, multiplies the energy in those beams to a combined spot or region.
This giving the light a form and intensity whereby either you don't see the object at all, or see the object as a bright sphere not

This has a theory behind it that is made of several assumptions.
Light is a wave with an intensity, frequency and velocity.
Light is an object, each particle in a medium that is a substratum through the universe.
If light travels through that substratum and is blocked by an object of any form, it creates the visible resemblance of that object
by light, visible to the observer.

When that substratum, is filled with an object that has no energy to block the light it renders invisible.
There are other theories as well which have the practical meaning that
at certain experiments light can have different roles making it either visible, invisible, large intense or blacksorted.

The photon shield, can be either a intense light blocking the view on the object behind it.
It can be a shift in substratum making the shield and the object invisible.
It can substract two light beams, making it semi-visible in a different way.

Space point of Identity

Imagine that in space a planet has a kind of identity based on both how the form is based in vision and other qualities.
But with an identity on coordinates too.
An adress where the planet is always pointed to
. An adres is like an ip adress for computers, but then it is the point where the planet can always be found.

When you would want to travel through space, you would be able to choose the identity spot,
and when going sub space step out at the right point.

Each planet, orb or space object has an adres.
Even our planet earth, a point of adres where when travelling through space
you can step in or out.

If you would use this identity method,
it is very easy to habitize new planets.
For it is easy to travel by coordinates in subspace.

when this travel method is available,
sub space movement of ships or rockets is a safe way of going from a to b.

subspace journeys as is the theme of many movies.
But almost no one has done it for real.

Adres identity is an idea that has been thought of by many.
But is only appearent in the computer world.

May our human race, choose with dignity to use such methods.
Leaving those worlds unvisited who do not like contact with us.

Natural printing instinct

As we as humans can use tools, and objects to aid us in the life of a society.
We use tools to create food, build homes, and organize our world.

As we see in animals a more simple way of using tools.
But if we compare us to a fictive kind of creatures.

They might have the source of printing life or dead tissue
. With the byproduct that its sustainable in its essence.

Imagine you could as easily print a book, as you would eat.
You for example meditate on an object. a statue of a god like vishnu.
And with a activation you create it in front of you without
needing computers, printers or any tool.

Now imagine that a creatrue of life, blood and form can do that
with its own body.

It can create by meditation or by thought objects.
It is also possible to create a kind of data carrier.
A data carrier already filled with information.

But printing as easy as printing a simple statue.
Printing of complex organisms as easy as a statue or data carrier.

Now imagine that in the time God according to the bible created humans
like his own. Would he have used a natural printing ability,
in his own power to do.

God making us, with his knowledge not even as an outside tool,
but as easy as giving someone a handshake.
As easy as blinking with the eye.

God was a superior being, having the ability to 3d print and differen molecule structures.
And giving it consciousness of its own.

Destination based product

When our ability to use quantum particles for our enhancements is getting
easier to make computers. make electronic devices.
Making life easier.

With the use of a quantum computer,
the way to code a program changes from the inside out.

instead of writing lines of code,
instead of using product cycles to make a new prototype.

The quantum computer works clockwise round.
You give the result, a description on what you want and how you want it.

You show the features and form of the product.
And the quantum computer, creates the program.
Destination based coding.
By a quantum computer.

In a while after thats possible,
the same is possible with the 3d printer.
Not just plastics but full scale.

give the input form of a complex radar system,
and the quantum printer creates the exact copy of the radar system.

Ofcourse i have no knowledge of radar systems, its just an example of a usage
of quantum computing and quantum processing.

Photon based energy source

Everyone knows when the day is starting that the sun comes around
the corner. showing its silver and orange light to a new day.

Daylight is the end of spooks and bad imaginations.
Daylight gives form to a controlled and productive day.

But photons as part of daylight gives a form of energy not
only giving warmth to the body, or light in our eyes.

As the nuclear bonding creates energy.
And nuclear splitting creates energy.

A photon beam,in an amplifier can create a beam thats
able to create energy.

photons as particles.
When a current is superceded its creating a flash and a wave of energy.
Catching the wave is able to support all electric needs.

The form factor of a Spaceship

When we believe the science fiction novels,
space ships have all kind of fancy forms.
From second handed fighter planes to superslim ships.

When a space ship is designed you ask three questions.
first; Which purpose does it have.
Second: which conditions is it bound to.
Third; Is cheap the best solution.

A purpose can be, its needed for recognance, or its needed for material transport.
or its needed for protection by weaponry.

The second, conditions can be: its has to fly near the sun,
so its needed a form that can withstand heat.
condition can be its needed for a flight of hundred years.
A condition can be its needed to hold human life to evacuate to a distant solar system.

The third, how cheap can it be.
Sometimes you choose cheap when the money which is needed is not there.
The budget often makes the choice how good it can be a secondary one.

three examples:
When a ship penetrates the atmosphere it able to protect the inner for
grave gravity, heat of flying and landing support.

second example,
when a space ship is only needed for space travel,
you do not need a slim or aerodynamic form.
it can even be a cube, because no air, no wind is there.

Third example.
when its a pod without life on board you do not need air,
or lifefunctions on board.

Gravity Pulsar for movement

On earth we have the gravity as a constant field making our bodies,
as well as all other to return at ground.

When you jump you don't feel gravity, but your body reacts to it.
When a plane rises from the earth, it needs energy to fullfill the
take off from the surface.

When we need a rocket to travel through the atmosphere,
it needs extra energy to escape gravity.

In the future we will be able to manipulate gravity waves.
giving objects the feature of nullyfing it.

Imagine a space ship with a gravity sail.
It uses gravity not to be bound to earth but to escape it by the sail.

The theory it that when a antimatter had opposite features, it has a new way to aid us in science.

Now imagine a gravity sail can be used to counter gravity,
and by the size of the sail, a small or large ship can
sail from earth to the solar system where no gravity is.

Another function is like having ships or stations
floating above ground. with a sail not needing any energy.

submit to the first cruise in the air, floating a year above ground, from
the old to the new world.

making castles go up in the sky. making a living for
those who can afford.

Gel based printing

Currentday printing is with plastic wire, and a melting head.
which can print 3d articles. plastic.
Other uses are more complex and not consumers product.

There are a couple methods which have advantage.

Example: A cube of gel, 20 by 20 centimeters.
by a head consisting of three laser beams.
with heatsignature lasers.
The crossline of the lasers heat up a square of one tenth milimeter in the cube.
that square become solid. Plastic alloy.

A second example is the gel cube made of a two component substance.
when heat activates the two component to merge, it heats it.

Afterwards the fluid gel can be washed away,
and you have the solid product.

For being sure, the printing method is about the range of squares to be
lit up. not just one square.

it works the same as printig a document of one page with full page of text

Ozone layers

Ozone, everyone knows what it is, where it is and whats it for.

It is the substance with molecule similarity as oxygen.
It is above the earth in the stratosphere.
And it cleans the light from harmfull radiation.

Ozone has the three oxygen formula.

The method to clean air can be used for other purposes as well.

It can be used to store data in a mesh of ozone molecules and carbon molecules.

A second usage is to store electric current.

Because its tribased, it can be used with a catalyst to
create a temporal overkill or over-pressure.

Its a short term energy saver.

The third its useable to clean water.

Atlantis computers

As the myth of atlantis is in our books.
As everyone sometimes dreams of a superior civilisation.
Atlantis which according to scriptures was punished because of its

Atlantis as i give sight on one of its secrets.

As computers we use electrical based parts, and materials.
With copper wires, silicate chips. And other kinds of metals and materials.

In Atlantis they had the art of science as the basis for their shining time.
In Atlantis they used technlogy as a basis of public domain insights.

When an inventor created something new, he was awarded by their society
so he could live and support himself, and the invention was property of
the society.

Because of that rule, they were able to rise fast and good in their science.
In our western world, we have the drawback that science is patented by inventors,
which obstructs the use of it in the whole of asociety.

One part of the computing in Atlantis was the basis of light technology.
Imagine that a computer made of jewelry was able to compute at multiple and increased speed and precision.

A computer made of ruby's, sapphire, diamonds, with the use of light which beamed through the parts.

Even as a artfull peace creating colors it was a beauty.
But as a computer, it was superior.

May our civilisation once be good enough to invent these computers.

Compared to our technology is the use of atomic time diagnosis, a first step
towards that beautifull use of technology.

Error retention

In our world of binary programs,
In our world with bio technical science

We see in our race to make dna as a language understandable.
That we read out all dna of all living known creatures.

The humans have 99 percent in common with each other.
but still we see at the faces of our family and friends
different looks and forms.

In our race to use dna to change the characteristics of our offspring, or our family.
We see that the code when we change it, does change the look,
but we don't know if there are bad sides of it.

A small tip of the veil is that in dna a different coding error retention is
visible. its in natural dna hidden by the patterns that by real intercourse and offspring.

When we would manipulate dna in humans at a regular scale,
we will see that the error retention code in our dna
will change the characteristics, when the generation after generation will be in change.

These dna retention, if we would have a simple explanation,
is to ensure that manipulating dna will not have a long life.

Nature is not fooling us, its just saving its own code.

When we would unlock the error retention code,
its possible that we know enough about the building blocks of life,
then the error retention code would be an obstacle we can overcome.

Bio chemical router

We know biochemistry as the art to combine both
life and chemcial reactions to an unified product.

All kinds of life have a purpose layered into its own existence.
You do not have to learn a cow how to eat grass or give milk.

You do not have to learn a cat how to live in our homes.
But when biology meets chemistry a new field of technology is created.

The most vivid use is by having an implant thesize of a small coin
placed in our brains. Which gives telecommunication a new sphere.

The second implantation is a small tube of liquid,
which gives influence on medication.
For medical fields such a diabetes, mental issues.
But also for giving a sedative to people knowing to have a mood or agressiondisorder.

One example is the id on implanted scale.
forcing all inhabitants of a country to insert a small chip with an antenna in the neck.

but biochemistry has more uses.
from implanting a gravity nullifier
to implanting an automatic dna regainer.

Biochemistry works as the science fiction books and movies show us.

Biochemistry router is a different object.

When you have a maze of mice, you make a maze not easy
to solve. and look if mice can find the food or the exit.

Mice who have a basic intelligence are different than humans,
but they show behaviour comparable to a trialerror and questseek theory.

the first is that they try as much untill they succeed.
The second is the questseek theory, giving living beings when
without a primitive purpose a wish to create a quest.

Without a wish or leading intent, a process is activated
to learn how to add value.

for example a mouse being fed and within his hole,
will start looking for a new quest.

biochemistry router is the combination of bio-material.
being a living tissue in the form of an animal.
And the structure or object controlling the stimuli going in and out.

When a living being has a certain intent and reaction scheme,
it functions as a computer (when intent always leads to a certain reaction)

The benefit of a biochemical computer is that
you have a less complicated and a lower border
on adding it or giving it a place in an implantation.

A human brain with a copper wire onto it, is an easy idea.
but copper attached to a brain doesn't do anything.

But when a biochemical core is attached to the brain,
a better and easier use for it is created.

Because all mammals share a kind of biology.
and using that biology to attach implants is easier than a computer made of chips.

When you use a biochemical router,
you can controll in a certain part how it reacts.

When you use a router you want a predictive outcome as well as a part being creative
or without written responses. (a certain chaos is permitted)

A biochemical router is used to create the predictive outcome.
A certain brain stimulus going into the implant,
is partly translated and partly source of an creative respons.

The router is used to create the biochemical core.
and programm it to cooperate, and to translate within borders
the needed reaction.

Light Centered Cells

Imagine that every computer has not a wire of copper, but a wire
of fiberglass.

Imagine that every computer instead of chips have a lightcentered cell.

The computers made op chips, are based on the manipulation of electrons.
Where the electron is used to transfer en emit information.

from electrons, and the absence of electrons you can make the binary language.
A language which is the basis of a geometric and mathematical system.

The electrons and the paths by which they find their route in a chip,
create our current day technology like a tablet, a phone and machines which
are even used to make cars and drive them too.

The chips where electrons are manipulated into many ways even unthinkable,
can be replaced by light cells.

But one drawback is that a chip is a raster of copper or other layers into a
small object.

A chip can be thousands per micrometer.
And a chip can be from half a centimeter to a couple of decimetres big.

A Light centered cell is a kind of chip, but not with electricity as
its leading principle but the ray of ligt.

Light as its source a lamp or emitter can be colored in many ways.
A combination of light can be made by a prism or rainbow.
By which light is divided in different rays with a wavelength.

Now imagine that as the use of making chips, which are used in computers,
can with an alteration be used to make cells.
light centered cells which are made of hard transparant material.

A light centered cell made of a beautifull diamond.
with the limitation that its a cube, and with paralell proportion.

This cell made of a diamond, has been altered by making light-guided paths in it.
This makes able that the cell is with the same us as our chips,
but with the speed of light.

replace our computer by a light device as i expounded.
Make this computer and be amazed by the rainbow as its use of colors.
and be amazed by the speed it solves problems major in our society.

Computing Essence

The essence of a computer is to use data in
a fashion that a understandable input
gives a outcome in a reasonable way and method.

A computer used to compute the income of a nation,
should not make a mistake more than the acceptable range.

A computer in this time uses a CPU a processing core,
that can with the use of the binary language,
be used for a graphical range of utilisation

The cpu, is based on a electronic technology,
which can with the speed of electrons,
compute any kind of mathamatical formula's

A Computing Essence is thus,
both the use and the material
of the core in a computer.

The core as a chipset made of materials
like silicate, electronpaths, copper
and other materials.

The Computing Essence,
in the near future
will be both utilises by
a certain process.

Makign computing a process that
not being totally visible
but by the use of an intermediary material.

The use of glass is already been used in
black fibre or the wire of lightemitting

Data transfer with the use of light.
The next step the CPU or Computing Essence,
as the core of lightspeed computing.

By using an intermediary, the output
being created as the computing essence or core,
is not like designed with the pathways of
the several kinds and several options
of formula's and methods of computing.

The Computing Essence,
a core of light, a core of diamond.
Not being baked, or being printed,
but by an intermediary.

This makes the same core,
available for all kinds of next generation

When the essence is made of Diamond,
who will stand the speed and precision.

When the essence is made by
an intermediary, there is no
fear for uncommon alteration.

There is no fear for,
abjection of data

Slow fus(t)ion core

Slow fusion core
its a honey comb as 50 by 50 cm at heigth of 50 cm
At the top a honeycomb flat surface
of two kinds of metal filled with mercury.

Its slow fusion of water elements and
the use of a disintegration method.

By slow fusion, as the water elements
are filtered through a net of small
cubes with two other elements.

As the water fuses with the other elements
its disintegrates into electrons
and the method of creating voltage.

By this method a energy source is created
by having 50 volts and ten amperes
as its a stable source of energy.
when filled with water, and the use
of normal sun light as outside daylight.

The water can be replenished by a storage
can of a double liters.

This slow fusion element or box
can be used for all kinds of appliances
as slow fusion is not dangerous and
without any chance on malfunction
or other unexpected things.

As a stable energy source always needs
a storage for stable output at 130 percent
of the energy income element
this storage is made
of two elements with dividers of tissue
and the elements based on seen in biology
the use of cube based structure of
small insects shielding.
altered carbon and other base material.

as well the use of gas, for intensifying it.

Gas for overloading thus 130 percent outcome.

As well the use of helium and ceramics

Force field

Force fields
vergelijkbaar met statische elektriciteit en de donder en bliksem

de donder en bliksem is een toevallige gebruik van forece fields
als de bliksem de weg naar de grond zoekt.

Door statische elektriciteit te gebruiken
en een dunne laag waarheen die zijn weg zoekt,
dan kan als je het actief gebruikt

de dunne laag alles dat ermee raakt als een soort
bliksem de molecuul banden wegnemen.

een dunne force field.

Waarbij de stof ozon misschien een rol speelt

Energie force fields wil je niet als veld
maar als lijn en ook richtbaar liefst.

Je hebt het dan over energie die niet als elektron
maar wel met energetische waarde maar als andere
vorm. lichtdeeltjes met energetische waarde.

Als licht een golf of een deeltje is,
dan een golf een veld vertegenwoordigt,
alsof je een steentje in het water gooit
en een deeltje als een stroom als bijvoorbeeld
een slang ergens op gericht kan worden.

een energie force field dus een lijn,
en een vorm in deeltjes.


Zoals in het verleden en nog steeds gezocht wordt
naar een manier om een supergeleider te vinden,
of een manier om naast informatie ook energie
draadloos te laten overbrengen.

Een manier die vele uitvinders heeft
geprikkeld om lange jaren aan onderzoek te doen.

Zoald Ceramisch materiaal als een soort
transponent kan worden gebruikt.

Waardoor enerzijds een energieveld
wordt gemaakt, en door apparaten
en stroomverbruikers
via een ceramisch transponent
de energie weer in elektrische
energie kan worden omgezet.

Een ceramisch component een
tiental meters kan bereiken,
en een apparaat een transponent
van ter grootte een adapter
nodig heeft om de energie weer
op te vangen.

De energie die via de ceramische
element wordt verspreidt,
geen schade aan lichaam, en leven geeft