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World Wars

Every now and than, Every couple generations.
When war strikes the world. A war that is marked by the
active agressors fighting between more than five countries.

A world war has the attribute that its permanent in its intent to destroy enemies.
A world war has the attribute that one third of the world is involved.
One third of the regional space, One third of the moneysystem,
One third of the worlds job population and its property of income either property or taxable income.

A world war, has a large influence on the world, the earth we live on.
A world war, makes that society makes a fall in technology, science, and social care.
A world war, makes education and the care for culture in a fall that results in
the downfall of civilisation.

The last known wars were in 1918 and 1941.
The upcoming wars are not yet predictable.
Because every human has a free will, which means that
future in the hands of humanity is not written.

If you look at the predestination, the prophecies or other futuretalks.
You might say that when a world war strikes, we are delivered at the chance of the gods
to support or life, saving us from evil. Saving us from the bad side of our human race.

When the next world war strikes earth, we cannot predict,
but we car prepare for it, by creating bonds with our neigbours,
by preparing to learn basic skills needed for survival.
And preparing by stocking up food and water.

Every detail has a reasonable part, stocking up food, when you know
food will pass its expiration date, is not wise.

World War is not predicable but preparation is sometimes wise.