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The far Past

We all learn at history class in our school period, that
before the middle ages, the medieval,
therew was a primitive soicety.
Using sticks and stones,
and living in clay houses.

But what existed before that,
dinosaurs, predator animals and simple

A different view on history is that a superior civilisation existed,
with a couple of signals of remnnant societies.

For example the pyramids, the americal temples,
the availability of gold and diamond in the ground.

the far past holds the secret of past civilisations.
Where the science was at a level more advanced than in our world.

When a high civilisation makes effort of erasing theirselves,
they can be effective in it.

Why would a society want to erase their footsteps,
the danger of an unnamed source.
the danger that gives a force that never may be unleashed.

The far past as written in hindu writings,
hold the secret of another time.

According to hindu scriptures the race of mankind,
of human origin lays in the arrival of four persons
on earth. from these four all humans has sprung.

Some scriptures even say that all animals are degraded
from the human creature.

The different views on human development are
current day survival of the fittest, creationism
and the big bang.

survival of the fittest
is the slowly change of a race of beings,
which adapts to a certain climate

creationism is the great architect who
designed humans and put them on earth.

The human form as clay being sculpted
and given a breath fo air in the lungs.
by which the consciousness was breathed into the body.

The big bang is like a seed form who slowly grew
into a planet, with life on it.
by which it is unsure if other planets in the universe
have sentient life too.