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Indians and genocide

Imagine a subrace of the humans,
They lived in peace with their surroundings.
They made food when they needed to eart.
They made tents when the old ones got breached.

When in need for communication they gathered
by caves.

A subrace of humans living close to earth.
They believed the spirits of ancestors
floated around them.

Gold and jewels were only used for
the art of religion.

As they honored the sun and the earth.
And offered their prayers to that force.

They believed as one spirit guiding both
animal and human.

They have existed outside of our mind,
a couple of centuries ago.

We have a name for them as called indians.
As they lived in the united states before it got its name.

Indians; because they were weak they disappeared.
Indians; because they honered to be part of the surface and its creatures.

When the europeans came to america.
And settled among the richness of goods to be traded.

The europeans saw the vast gold relics and made use of it.
The remaining indians, became ill and perished because
of diseases brought from europe.

The indians have a close genocide.
And america never apologized for it.

The indians have a close genocide.
And no one cares for giving back whats theirs.

The indians have a close genocide.
The gold of their relics serve a purpose of greed.