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Guineapig - Science

A hundred years into our future.
There are continents and regions.
We have europe as a conglomerate,
we have north and south america as a conglomerate.
and russia as well as asia.

In china, called today, in hundred years,
they will hace science with a twitch.

As we hear today that children are cloned into lookalikes.
And the debate is if such a thing is permitted.

As we hear that science in medical view, is always
with the use of guinea pigs.

they are used to test medicines.
They are used to view bodily features where to intervene.

In about hundred years; imagine that society
had a downfall in scientific and social way.

A third world war ended the knowledge of internet, of medical nuclear instruments.
A third world war ends the use of computers and robotics.

But about 20 years of a new movement,
the society slowly progresses the reimbursement of their science.
And because china is a leading region in asia and the world.
They have prisons where criminals are being holdfor security.

criminals when in jail are the perfect guinea pig,
an expression of a chinese notable.
Because they are one way or the other condemned to punishment.

In china in one hundred years; criminals are used to medical treatments and medical examinations.

As i heard one experiment where a guinea pig was used:
They opened the skull and made incisions, like in the pineal gland,
and in the cortex.

Those incisions were to be done to examine how and when pain would appear,
and how the pain reaction of the instinct could be intervened and blocked.

Imagine that you are used for such an experiment,
and that pain is not avoidable.
and that either way you will die without outlook on life.

When they cut in your brains;
you either die in horrible pain,
or you get retarded and not be able anymore to communicate,
or enjoy living.

Imagine those experiments done on convicts,
are to increase medical knowledge.
But has a side effect.

This story as one of many.
And we should have our past in remembrance to.
Because in our past; similar experiments have taken place too.