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Stones and the double worlds

Think of a world; behind the visible world.
Imagine that a world of beauty lies behind our reality.

Imagine that all things in this world; reflect a value or possesion in the other world.
The things in this world know to exist even there.

A dinosaur is a creature who lived in the past.
A lion is a animal who lives in the desert or in the zoo.

A stone is just a rock, and all kinds of rocks exist.

Imagine an Elfcross or staurolite stone;
in this world its just a little stone, with two colors white and black or dark grey.
But imagine that in the world behind ours this elfcross represents
an island of beauty with a living village of elvish people.

elvish people like in the movie lord of the rings.
And that the stone in this world; in its possesion by someone
who bought it, is a possesor of that village.

Now imagine a stone of atlantis. a beautifull liht blue sphere.
This round rock, represents the county of atlantis people.
and when the rock is possesed, someone owns the county or city
of atlantis.

As one rock is not all there is; all the rocks combined, of one kind,
represents a total region of that special kind.

All the rocks of atlantis, or all the rocks of elvish represent the
total amount of that creatures in existence.

The stones of double worlds.
Now imagine that the animals like the lion
represents a autocrate which rules with a strong hand.
A lion as the usurpator.

The dinosaur is also a kingdom in the other world,
a kingdom of a large ghost.

Now imagine that the other world, the other reality
with the beings you own in this world,
works for the good of you.

An atlantic city,
who is with your name.

An elvish village,
with your symbol.

Some even say they are connected to your mind,
and elvish people are known to live immortal and selfhealing.

If that would connect to your mind,
you would feel the positive radiance of it.