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Signs and Symbols

Symbols of cultural source are likely to be also proofed as symbols of

Where a religion has a function to improve someone's life, the same
sources can be used to have a culture.

A culture as the definition of a group of persons sharing the same preferences and rituals.

A culture is not bound to a superior source or person of special interest.

Symbols of religion, can be used either as devotion to a power.
a power being a god, a person, a saint or other.

When a religion becomes a culture, not anymore the rituals or prayers are the most important
but the interactions between the members of the group.

rules in the group are not bound to the interaction to the power or godhead.

A couple of symbols and a short description.

The hindu om sign, is a symbol used to express unity with the creational force in the universe.
It gives the one using the symbol the intention to act in coherence with the universe.

A second sign, chinese is the sign of yin and yang,
in some expressions it means the balance between the two life signs.
Whereas yin and yang creates the power in relation to action and direction of it.
one small addition is that i once saw the sign as the usage to become a professional martial arts person.
Where it was a sign to become good kungfu fighter.

A third sign, the christian cross, is not a sign imbedded in the reality,
But is merely a sign where the saint Jesus Christ is being honored.
Whether the sign of the cross is used to create the influence of or invite the holy spirit,
or its only a sign of respect to the groundingperson Jesus.

The source of symbols is a holy one.
symbols have an effect that changes your life.
a change in living that gets more clear the longer you
use the symbol. Some use the symbol by putting it in a painting on the wall.
Others carry it as a postcard in their wallet.
And the use of it, is by exposing the sing in some way.

All religions and spiritual paths have a symbol,
and all those symbols that are known,
are on this small image.

If you want to learn about the effect, choose one
symbol and give it a good place in your home or work.