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We see the total value of money as the total amount and weight of gold.
When gold is the represent value of money, honestly said,
who owns the gold, is the rich one.

When their is 100 % of the total money in this world.
We see the partition of it in the world map.

Rich countries, and rich part of other countries.
rich parts; as being persons with richness.

If the world is an applepie.
We see that the whole normal world has a quarter of the pie.
the half of the world has the quarter of it.
The poor fourty percent has an eigth of the pie.
And the lonely one percent has more than half the pie.

The numbers in precision are different but its an example.

another example
is ten percent owns 90 percent of the money.

the other 90 percent is divided in the middle man and the poor large regions.

scarcity is about the crowd having the feeling that money is scarce.
That whatever they do, like a job, like trading, like investing,
they never have enough.

Scarcity is about the middle man fighting for life and living,
each week the worries how to feed the kids,
how to protect your wive or husband.

How to make life worth living.

The poor ones, the bigger part of the world,
each day, bread is a luxery.
When sick, to die is a solution.

By the vanishing 90 percent of money,
all of society feels the need for money.

Imagine the ideal; money is free of charge.
Money is no longer for the extreme rich.

First things happening;
sick people treated at hospitals.
poor people buying food for famined children.
poor people applying for an educatio and job.
poor people buying a computer to loose theirselves
in games.