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Humor and critics

In cultural way a good joke is a way to make the truth known
without harming anyone.

In a cultural way, when people immerse in good feelings and laughs
about all serious and grave things in life.

In a cultural way, people get a soft warning,
when they hear things they do wrong or insulted by.

Humor, is the art of telling whats true without
using words that hurt or that degrades the status.

In a way when a person is critized,
its better not by someone with a high status,
making it a political game with winners and loosers.

In a way when a comedian jokes and critizes
famous people, they know its part of an act,
and not a direct attack or offense on them.

Other good things about humor,
is that a country, is being critizes
in a way they can change their weakness.

And religions, get an easy view on which part of them,
are not realistic, or are not being honored by
a certain religious election of wisdom, but
humane sources.

as a small thing, a comedian serves society by
showing its weakness of the whole or a part of it.