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Drug and research

In this world and current time we have on our society a black side.
A side in which happiness is made to suffer.
And where to live means to be sick and painfull.

Sometimes persons loose theirselves in seeking relief.
They want to be without the pain and suffering.

When they use pain killers, or chemical stimulants,
they have a temporary relief,

But the step towards drugs is small when suffering is bad enough.
And when people are drawn towards drugs,
their social life, their workplace,
it all gets damaged and the person gets lonely and poor.

A secret about drugs is that three quarters of the stuff
has been a research of the international based armies.

Name the modern drugs,
their first use was for the army to make a pain killer
to make soldiers last longer in battle.

Modern drugs; i name not one,
have their origins in the military.

Next time when complaining about the black side of
society, remember the high command,
have knowledge about all things in society existing.

Drugs has two sides, one is a honest pain killer,
the other is the craving for a satisfaction which kills the
daily life of those who have a certain position.