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Community structure

When more than four people live together,
you need a rule how to divide responsabilty.
you need a way to share things needed for living,
who and when gets bread, water and protection.

When is a community a rightious one,
when is a community ruled for the greater good,
where the greater good is at first the safety, freedom and happiness for all its inhabitants.

A community as we see on earth has a couple of governmental structures,
from capitalism, communis, martial law, and theocracy.

On beforehand its not one of those who is best,
what is best is if its working for the citizens.
If all population is happy with a government and law system,
than its not bad or degradeable.

community structures,
when a community chooses enemies, weak or easy to conquer than
in internationally vision its not a good one.

Community structures, you might say its not culture depicting
what government you have,
but when religion has no voice in a country and how income is
divided to support a country and its inhabitants.

Community structures have different benefits.
Communism has an ideal to serve all population
with the same rights, the same benefits and support.
but when corrupcy enters it, the ideal is slowly degrading.

Capitalism gives people the responsability to earn their income,
and to use their income wisely to support their life and of their beloved ones.
capitalism, gives some the preference to live in a wealthy way.
But the capitalism when in fraud creates large regions of poverty,
and a couple of super rich who own a whole country, or a large amount of treasure.

A third option is the theocracy,
where a government depends on a religion.
A religion usually gives rules and laws making
the civils choosing to live right or wrong,
with the punishment before or after life and death.
the government chooses to make a government
based on a religious writing.
a theocracy has also a bad side,
when religion has a higher value or is higher valued than
the lifes of the people being part or being ruled by it.