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Art and the visible beauty

All artists, are creative,
in their way to make visible whats seen in their eye.
in their way to make visible the answer to what question they had.

Art is a way to see, and make what others has not yet seen.
Art is a way to express feelings, thoughts and impressions.

In example of rembrandt, he painted what he saw,
and still what he saw is in the museum.

In example of mondriaan, he painted abstracts
with only a couple of colors, and his view on art
is still in the museum.

The questions about when is art famous, important, or really good.
Is not the question making the art by the artist.

The true artist, does not work for money, does not work for fame.

But he creates out of his wish to create.

He creates art, which has not yet existed.

Art makes in cultural way visible whats not there.
Art makes in cultural way known, what point of view the artist has.

Someone said to me, the artist draws the answer, to a question
which has no words, which has no form.